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What started as the musical haven of one man has evolved into a stunning & diverse collaboration of several prominent Pittsburgh musicians. Over ten years Mike Speranzo (production, lead vocals, guitar, banjo, keys, bass) has slowly groomed the Drowning Clowns debut album “All That’s Covered Over” into an elaborately orchestrated musical catharsis with his wife Liz Berlin on lead vocals, guitar & keys (of the multi-platinum band Rusted Root), Frank Spadafora on lead vocals, guitar & organ (Crisis Car, Out Of The Blue), Evan Smith on vocals & guitar (Pro Skater for DC/ Element/ Independent), Dirk Miller on lead guitar (The Speeds, Rusted Root), Mike Hammer on keys (InSpiral), Jesse Prentis on bass (Ritual Space Travel Agency), and Shaggy Marcello on drums (The Distractions). Described as a psychedelic rock orchestra, Drowning Clowns music ranges from slow dark Americana to upbeat indie electro-pop to epic rock landscapes. From haunting ballads such as “Broken Down” and “One Request” to the thunderous anthems “Deep Blue Sea” and “Too Many,” “All That’s Covered Over” delivers a sense of controlled chaos that can only stem from the collaboration of musicians with such diverse styles and long standing experience. Drowning Clowns has produced an album that delivers a universal message of adaptation and evolution. It is an artistic representation of the struggles, growth, challenges and successes of creating a life, developing a business and starting a family while being entrenched in the fast-paced music industry. Drowning Clowns' debut album “All That’s Covered Over” is a labor of love from a collective of Pittsburgh’s most gifted musicians.
members Liz Berlin


All That's Covered Over
released 2014
15 tracks
All That's Covered Over by Drowning Clowns
Shanty Town
Covered Over
Deep Blue Sea
Slow Sound
Slow Sound
Time Code
Broken Down
Too Many
Get Right Through
Beat me in you
Night Fall
Shanty Town
Train Station
One Request
One Request


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Sat, Jun 04, 11:43 a.m.
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Sat, Oct 17, 4:58 p.m.
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